As Koç Sağlık Yanımda, we value educational practices prepared with scientific studies and up-to-date approaches.

Neonatal Care and Maternal Adaptation Training: We provide an at home training on topics such as nutritional recommendations for the care of both mother and the newborn, breastfeeding techniques, breast milk storage conditions, baby's first bath, umbilical cord care, first nail cutting, gas problems, and diaper rash care. You can buy this training package while getting used to life with a baby or you can gift it to your loved ones.

Baby Safety Training: Babies always move around, and they should never be left alone. When your baby begins to crawl, the measures to be taken at home will increase and diversify. With Koc Health on My Side, we are here for you with training programs regarding the points you need to pay attention to in home security and precautions you should take on time as a parent.

Diabetic Patient Education and Care: Diabetes is a life-long disease that affects the quality of life due to the complications it creates. As the patient's awareness and knowledge about diabetes increases, its effectiveness on the disease and the success rate of treatments increases, too. After the diagnosis is made by the specialist doctor, the expert team of Koc Health on My Side is ready to provide training on measuring the blood glucose level of the diabetic patient, monitoring the diet and chronic complications, and diabetic foot care.