Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation at Home

Our specialist physiotherapists at Koc Health on My Side are ready to visit you at home to diagnose your condition, decide on the treatment to be applied, determine the number and duration of sessions, and perform physical therapy and rehabilitation procedures.

The biggest advantage of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation at Home is that it is difficult to go to a hospital when you have a limited range of motion. In addition, having your own home's hygiene and comfort provides a great advantage. For neurological conditions such as paralysis, hip fractures, MS, ALS, Parkinson's, spinal cord injuries, orthopedic diseases such as hip-knee prostheses, hip fractures, anterior cruciate ligament surgeries, and geriatric patients that lose their ability to walk and have weakened muscles, our hygienic and professional team of professional physiotherapists visits you at your home with all the necessary equipment.