You can get 12-hour, 24-hour, or long-term nursing services in the comfort of your home. With our certified nurses, we provide one-to-one nursing support in your home, ensuring that the treatment and care process is implemented at maximum quality.

We are at your side with many nursing services such as injection, intravenous drug administration, catheter insertion, dressings, care for bedsores that occur in patients who are confined to bed for long periods of time, serum application, vaccination, wound care, stoma care, oxygen support, and infusion at home.

Our nurses work under the direction of a doctor by creating a professional medical bridge between the doctor and the patient. With nursing services at home, your independence in daily life activities increases, and your care gets professionally done with the right technique at the right time. 

The trained nurses at Koc Health on My Side perform their duties with compassion and care, using the modern medical methods within the framework of a “people-oriented care".