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Smart Medical Examination Kit

Why TytoCare?

TytoCare and Clinical Visit

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Anywhere in the world and uninterrupted!

Standby Time

Average 5-10 minutes



Home Comfort

Quick Diagnosis


Medical Examination Items

Heart, ears, throat, lungs

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How does it work?

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Turn on TytoCare and start the application. Fill in the short survey about your symptoms.

Join the examination recommended by the system. Send your results to one of listed doctors.

Learn the diagnosis made by your doctor and get your prescription.

Content of TytoCare

TytoCare App (iOS and Android) for an easy examination under guidance of a doctor
Tyto Device equipped with thermometer and examination camera
Otoscope adapter to evaluate ears
Stethoscope adapter to listen to sounds of heart and lungs
Tongue depressor adapter for throat
Travel bag
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Frequently Asked Question

May I get a prescription following my TytoCare visit?

Yes. Doctors, who will review your results, can prescribe medications, if you request. Next, you can take your medications from a pharmacy.

Can TytoCare equipment be used in sensitive skins?

Yes. TytoCare kit can be safely used in sensitive skin. TytoCare is fully compliant to standards, as verified by biocompatibility tests.

Is TytoCare approved by FDA?

Yes. TytoCare health kit is approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Which awards does TytoCare hold?

Global awards given to TytoCare since its development through its ground-breaking innovation in healthcare sector: ● Forbes - Best Baby Tech Gadget that Rocked the Cradle at CES 2019 ● Wired - Best of CES 2019 Award ● Time - Best Inventions 2019 ● The Bump - Best of Baby Awards 2018

Does TytoCare comply with tools used by doctors at their offices?

Yes. TytoCare that has adapters for otoscope (for ear), stethoscope (heart, lungs and abdomen), basal thermometer and that is equipped with a digital thermometer and a digital camera (skin and throat) is developed to produce the data that would normally be obtained in a physical examination performed by healthcare professionals. Doctors can make a diagnosis, plan treatment and prescribe medications by reviewing the data of examination made using TytoCare. All devices that can be integrated to Tytocare meet requirements of FDA. TytoCare passed more than one performance test successfully to ensure that quality results are produced.

May I use Tytocare when I am not at home?

TytoCare can be used wherever you are whenever you want. In other words, TytoCare makes sure that your hospital is just nearby, irrespective of your location.

Who can use TytoCare?

TytoCare health kit can be used by everybody who wants to be examined at comfortable environment of home. - People who want to contact their doctors easily - People who want to accelerate examination process - Parents - Expectant couples - People who need to plan their time precisely - People who take care of their elderly relatives - People who do not want to lose time in traffic - People who want to find a solution for health problem quickly and address their concerns easily In a nutshell, everybody can easily use TytoCare and deal with all processes of medical examination practically and effectively.

Where can I supply TytoCare kit?

You can supply TytoCare kit easily from our web site or below written link. You can supply TytoCare kit from anywhere in Turkey with free-of-charge cargo opportunity. https://payment.kocsaglikyanimda.com/tibbi-cihaz-ve-malzemeler?ps=2

What do I need to use TytoCare?

You can use TytoCare kit easily with any smart phone or tablet.

Is TytoCare kit compatible with smart phones of tablets?

TytoCare can be run on smart devices. You can use TytoCare kit with any phone or tablet you want and complete your examination easily with our physicians.

Is any training required to use TytoCare kit?

Everybody who watches training footage available in the application and follows instructions of doctor during examination can easily take advantage of this technological service by using TytoCare health kit.

Are services of TytoCare covered by insurance?

No. There is not any insurance coverage.

Who can see my data saved in TytoCare?

Your health data recorded by TytoCare are transferred over a secure and encrypted network and saved to our cloud system. People, who can see your medical records, are determined by you, users of same device and your healthcare professional.

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